In Search of Moral Knowledge
Overcoming the Fact–Value Dichotomy
R. Scott Smith

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Sivuja: 363

Kustantaja: IVP Academic, 2014

ISBN-10: 0830840389

ISBN-13: 9780830840380

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What is the nature of morality?

Can we know what is right or wrong?

The moral climate in the pluralistic West is in a state of deep fragmentation and disarray. At the heart of this situation is the split between (scientific) facts and (moral-religious) values. Many Christian theologians and ethicists reinforce this split by confining moral norms to particular communities and traditions. R. Scott Smith presents a robust metaphysical argument that, contrary to the fact-value dichotomy, there are certain universal moral truths that we do know.

Over the years, Scott Smith has, time and time again, demonstrated deep insight into the underlying causes of our contemporary cultural chaos. In In Search of Moral Knowledge, he has, once again, put his finger on the pulse of the fount of society's moral ills. Smith rightly points out that moral knowledge, and not merely moral belief, is what is needed to live a proper life and form a virtuous society. And he locates the denial of moral knowledge in the views of reality promoted by various extant lines of thought. This is no mere ethics text, examining moral issue after moral issue. This is one of the few books by an evangelical that lays bare the underlying metaphysics and epistemology that generate the various streams of moral thinking today. This should be a text in any ethics class, and I wish for it a wide distribution.
– J. P. Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology


Tohtori R. Scott Smith on etiikan ja kristillisen apologetiikan professori (Biola University, California). Hän on perehtynyt tiedon ontologiaan, etiikkaan, konstruktivismiin, nominalismiin, naturalismiin ja jälkimodernismiin.

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