Human Knowledge
Classical and Contemporary Approaches (3rd ed.)
Paul K. Moser, Arnold vander Nat (toim.)

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Sivuja: 592

Kustantaja: Oxford University Press, 2002

ISBN-10: 0195149661

ISBN-13: 9780195149661

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Offering a unique and wide-ranging examination of the theory of knowledge, the new edition of this comprehensive collection deftly blends readings from the foremost classical sources with the work of important contemporary philosophical thinkers. Human Knowledge: Classical and Contemporary Approaches, 3rd edition, offers philosophical examinations of epistemology from ancient Greek and Roman philosophy (Plato, Aristotle, Sextus Empiricus); medieval philosophy (Augustine, Aquinas); early modern philosophy (Descartes, Locke, Leibniz, Berkeley, Hume, Reid, Kant); classical pragmatism and Anglo-American empiricism (James, Russell, Ayer, Lewis, Carnap, Quine, Rorty); and other influential Anglo-American philosophers (Chisholm, Kripke, Moore, Wittgenstein, Strawson, Putnam).

Organized chronologically and thematically, Human Knowledge features exceptionally broad coverage and nontechnical selections that are easily accessible to students. An ideal text for both undergraduate and graduate courses in epistemology, it is enhanced by the editors' substantial general introduction, section overviews, and up-to-date bibliographies. The third edition offers expanded selections on contemporary epistemology and adds selections by Thomas Reid, Richard Rorty, David B. Annis, Richard Feldman and Earl Conee, Ernest Sosa, Barry Stroud, and Louise M. Antony. Human Knowledge offers an unparalleled introduction to our ancient struggle to understand our own intellectual experience.


Paul K. Moser on filosofian professori (Loyola University of Chicago). Hän on kirjoittanut ja toimittanut useita alan teoksia.

Arnold vander Nat on filosofian apulaisprofessori (Loyola University of Chicago). Hänen tutkimusalueisiinsa kuuluvat brittiläinen empirismi, formaali ja sovellettu logiikka, epistemologia, mielen filosofia sekä kognitiotiede.

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