God's Word Alone – The Authority of Scripture
What the Reformers Taught... and Why It Still Matters
Matthew Barrett

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Sivuja: 416

Kustantaja: Zondervan Academic, 2016

ISBN-10: 0310515726

ISBN-13: 9780310515722

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Scholar and pastor Matthew Barrett retraces the historical and biblical roots of the doctrine that Scripture alone is the final and decisive authority for God's people. God's Word Alone is a decisive defense of the Bible as the inspired and inerrant Word of God.

Revitalizing one of the five great declarations of the Reformation – sola Scriptura – Barrett:

  • Analyzes what the idea of sola Scriptura is and what it entails, clarifying why the doctrine is truth and why it's so essential to Christianity.
  • Surveys the development of this theme in the Reformation and traces the crisis that followed resulting in a shift away from the authority of Scripture.
  • Shows that we need to recover a robust doctrine of Scripture's authority in the face of today's challenges and why a solid doctrinal foundation built on God's Word is the best hope for the future of the church.

This book is an exploration of the past in order to better understand our present and the importance of reviving this indispensable doctrine for the Christian faith and church today.


Matthew Barrett toimii kristillisen teologian apulaisprofessorina Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminaryssa. Hän on myös Credo Magazine -lehden perustaja ja päätoimittaja.

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