Darwin's Black Box
The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution (2nd ed.)
Michael J. Behe

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Sivuja: 352

Kustantaja: Free Press, 2006

ISBN-10: 0743290313

ISBN-13: 9780743290319

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Kirjan takakannesta:

Mike Behe... makes an overwhelming case against Darwin on the biochemical level. No one has done this before. It is an argument of great originality, elegance, and intellectual power. For readers who have been persuaded that biologists have long since demonstrated the validity of Darwinian theory, [Behe's] observations are apt to be a source of astonishment.
– David Berlinski, tietokirjailija
Michael Behe has done a top-notch job of explaining and illuminating one of the most vexing problems in biology: the origin of the complexity that permeates all of life on this planet... This book should be on the essential reading list of all those who are interested in the question of where we came from, as it presents the most thorough and clever presentation of the design argument that I have seen."
– Robert Shapiro, kemisti, elämän alkuperätutkija


Michael J. Behe on biokemian professori (Lehigh University, PA) ja Discovery Instituten vanhempi jäsen. Hän tuli tunnetuksi palautumattoman monimutkaisuuden (engl. irreducible complexity) argumentista.

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