The Mystery of Romans
The Jewish Context of Paul's Letter
Mark D. Nanos

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Sivuja: 448

Kustantaja: Augsburg Fortress Publishers, 1996

ISBN-10: 080062937X

ISBN-13: 9780800629373

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Kirjan takakannesta:

"As one who has argued that Romans 9–11 is the climax of the letter (esp. 11:11-36); and that 15:14-33 are decisive for understanding the letter as Paul's apologia for his mission... I find myself outdone by this tour de force.

Nanos's construction is fascinating and 'productive'... and will stay in my head as I continue to readn and ponder Romans... This is a well done book, and its extensive notes constitute an interesting tapestry of relatively recent insights in Pauline studies." – Krister Stendahl, Harvard Divinity School

"A provocative new book on Paul that takes seriously the notion that Paul was a Jew within the Jewish community and yet also a person for whom the experience of Christ made an important difference. This book will challenge older notions... and help build a new consensus." – Alan F. Segal, Barnard College, Columbia University


Teologian tohtori Mark D. Nanos on varhaiskristillisyyden ja varhaisjuutalaisuuden asiantuntija. Hän toimii luennoijana ja vierailevana tutkijana sekä USAssa että Iso-Britanniassa.

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