The Heresy of Orthodoxy
How Contemporary Culture's Fascination with Diversity Has Reshaped Our Understanding of Early Christianity
Andreas J. Köstenberger, Michael J. Kruger

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Sivuja: 256

Kustantaja: Crossway Books, 2010

ISBN-10: 1433501430

ISBN-13: 9781433501432

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"A comprehensive critique of the Bauer-Ehrman thesis that the earliest form of Christianity was pluralistic, that there were multiple Christianities, and that heresy was prior to orthodoxy. The Heresy of Orthodoxy at every turn makes a convincing case that the Bauer-Ehrman thesis is dead wrong." – Daniel B. Wallace

"In the beginning was Diversity. And the Diversity was with God, and the Diversity was God. Without Diversity was nothing made that was made. And it came to pass that nasty old 'orthodox' people narrowed down diversity and finally squeezed it out, dismissing it as heresy. But in the fullness of time (which is of course our time), Diversity rose up and smote orthodoxy hip and thigh. Now, praise be, the only heresy is orthodoxy. As widely and as unthinkingly accepted as this reconstruction is, it is historical nonsense: the emperor has no clothes. I am grateful to Andreas Köstenberger and Michael Kruger for patiently, carefully, and politely exposing this shameful nakedness for what it is." – D. A. Carson


Andreas J. Köstenberger on Uuden testamentin professori (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, USA) ja tuottelias kirjailija.

Michael J. Kruger on Uuden testamentin apulaisprofessori ja akatemian dekaani (Reformed Theological Seminary, USA). Hän on kirjoittanut useita artikkeleita ja kirjoja varhaisesta kristillisyydestä.

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