Bringing the Church to the World
Renewing the Church to Confront the Paganism Entrenched in Western Culture
Tom Wright

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Sivuja: 224

Kustantaja: Bethany House Publishers, 1993

ISBN-10: 1556613180

ISBN-13: 9781556613180

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The Christian Gospel has challenged the heart of every society into which it has been introduced. Yet while the Western world is becoming increasingly and overtly pagan, many Christians have attempted to retreat into the church as a "safe" haven from such unpleasant and wicked forced. The challenge for today's church is to follow the New Testament example of the first Christians who successfully confronted a world entrenched in paganism by going to them with the message of the risen Christ.

Author Tom Wright convincingly demonstrates how paganism now manifests itself in Western culture and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ confronts it at its roots. God is reviving, renewing, and empowering His church to meet these challenges. Wright believes the church cannot simply recast old models of evangelism and mission. Combatting the new vigorous paganism requires rethinking and reworking of aims and goals as well as a call to serious prayer for new forms and expressions of the church.

With an articulate voice of hope and a compelling analysis of Western civilization, Tom Wright helps believers break out from the traps of extreme conservatism of exclusive piety into ways that will effectively reach today's unchurched people.


Tohtori N. T. Wright (tuttavallisemmin Tom Wright) työskentelee Uuden testamentin ja alkukristillisyyden tutkimusprofessorina (University of St Andrews, Skotlanti). Hän on sekä historioitsija että teologi – ja yksi maailmanlaajuisesti arvostetuimmista Jeesus- ja Paavali-tutkijoista. Hän on aiemmin toiminut Durhamin piispana, opettanut Cambridgen, Montrealin ja Oxfordin yliopistoissa ja kirjoittanut lukuisia teoksia niin akateemiselle kuin tavallisellekin yleisölle. Näihin teoksiin kuuluvat mm. The Climax of the Covenant (1990), The New Testament and the People of God (1992), Jesus and the Victory of God (1996) ja The Resurrection of the Son of God (2003).

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