Time and Eternity
Exploring God's Relationship to Time
William Lane Craig

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Sivuja: 272

Kustantaja: Crossway Books, 2001

ISBN-10: 1581342411

ISBN-13: 9781581342413

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A comprehensive discussion of the problems in the concepts of time and eternity on the basis of an extraordinary familiarity with a vast number of recent contributions to this issue from scientists and philosophers. The book offers a plausible argument for a realistic conception of temporal process and for God's involvement in the temporal distinctions and processes because of His presence in His creation.
– Wolfhart Pannenberg, systemaattisen teologian professori, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München
William Lane Craig is one of the leading philosophers of religion and one of the leading philosophers of time. In this book, he combines his expertise in these areas to produce an original, erudite, and accessible theory of time and God.
– Quentin Smith, filosofian professori, Western Michigan University
Craig defends the remarkable conclusion that "God is timeless without creation and temporal since creation" by carefully weighing evidence for and against divine temporality and personhood in light of dynamic versus static theories of time. A must-read for anyone seriously interested in the problem of time and eternity in Christian philosophy.
– Robert Russell, teologian ja luonnontieteen professori, Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences


William Lane Craig toimii filosofian tutkimusprofessorina (Talbot School of Theology, USA). Hän on koulutukseltaan sekä filosofian että teologian tohtori. Craig on kirjoittanut kymmeniä kirjoja ja artikkeleita sekä teologian, filosofian että raamatuntutkimuksen alueelta ja osallistunut lukuisiin apologeettisiin väittelyihin.

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