Philosophy of Religion
A Reader and Guide
William Lane Craig (toim.)

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Sivuja: 656

Kustantaja: Rutgers University Press, 2002

ISBN-10: 0748614621

ISBN-13: 9780748614622

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Philosophy of Religion is a combined anthology and guide intended for use as a textbook in courses on Philosophy of Religion. It aims to bring to the student the very best of cutting-edge work on important topics in the field.

The anthology is comprised of six sections, each of which opens with a substantive introductory essay followed by a selection of influential writings by philosophers of religion:

  • Religious Epistemology (by Kevin Meeker, Department of Philosophy, University of South Alabama), deals with the rationality and warrant of theistic belief.
  • Existence of God (by William Lane Craig, Philosophy Department, Talbot School of Theology), presents the cosmological, teleological, axiological, noölogical, and ontological arguments for the existence of God.
  • Coherence of Theism (by William Lane Craig, Philosophy Department, Talbot School of Theology), covers the divine attributes of necessity, eternity, omnipotence, omniscience, and goodness.
  • Problem of Evil (by Timothy O'Connor, Department of Philosophy, Indiana University), treats both the internal and external challenge posed by evil to theistic belief.
  • Soul and Immortality (by J. P. Moreland, Department of Philosophy, Biola University), explores the substantiality and immateriality of the soul and the implications for life after death of the body.
  • Christian Theology (by Michael Murray, Department of Philosophy, Franklin and Marshall College), handles problems posed by the Trinity, incarnation, atonement, damnation and prayer.

Presenting a sympathetic view of the topics it treats, Philosophy of Religion provides an ideal resource for studying the central questions raised by religious belief.


  • A combined anthology of readings and guide to the subject
  • Focuses on contemporary issues in the Philosophy of Religion
  • Emphasis placed on the Christian tradition
  • High quality introductions to each section provide a survey of each topic
  • Cutting-edge readings chosen by specialists


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