What Are The Gospels?
A Comparison With Graeco-Roman Biography (2nd ed.)
Richard A. Burridge

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Sivuja: 366

Kustantaja: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2004

ISBN-10: 0802809715

ISBN-13: 9780802809711

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Richard Burridge's acclaimed study of the Christian Gospels is significantly updated and expanded in this second edition. Here Burridge engages the field of Gospel studies over the last hundred years, arguing convincingly for viewing the Gospels as biographical documents of the sort common throughout the Graeco-Roman world. In pursuing the question of his bookbs title, Burridge compares the work of the Christian evangelists with that of Graeco-Roman biographers. Drawing on insights from literary theory, he demonstrates that the widespread view of the Gospels as unique is false and discusses what a properly bbiographicalb perspective means for Gospel interpretation. New to this second edition of "What Are the Gospels?" are a long final chapter detailing the recent paradigm shift in Gospel scholarship – a shift due in large part to this very book – a foreword by Graham Stanton, and an appendix on the absence of comparable early Jewish biographies.

"One of the hotly debated topics of recent years has been what type of literature the Gospels are. Richard Burridge reviews the data and discussion and proposes a solution... This treatment of the questions will serve as a standard for future work." – Religious Studies Review


Richard A. Burridge on tohtori ja Lontoon King's Collegen dekaani. Vuonna 2008 hänet nimitettiin raamatuntulkinnan professoriksi. Tri Burridge on kirjoittanut useita kirjoja Jeesuksesta ja evankeliumeista.

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