Jesus, Paul and the End of the World
A Comparative Study in New Testament Eschatology
Ben Witherington III

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Sivuja: 306

Kustantaja: InterVarsity Press, 1992

ISBN-10: 083081759X

ISBN-13: 9780830817597

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More than eighty years ago Albert Schweitzer posed a question of enduring debate for New Testament scholarship. Did Jesus – and later Paul – believe that the apocalyptic kingdom of God was about to appear, bringing an end to this world? Indeed, what were the eschatological teachings of Jesus and Paul? Is there any appreciable continuity between the two?

Ben Witherington takes a hard look at the Gospel texts and makes a thorough and critical assessment of Paul's eschatology. For each topic examined – the language of imminence, the dominion of God, the community of Christ, the Israel of God, the day of the Lord and the resurrection of the dead – he compares and contrasts Jesus and Paul. The result is an important contribution to our understanding of New Testament eschatology.


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