Reasonable Faith
Christian Truth and Apologetics
William Lane Craig

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Sivuja: 352

Kustantaja: Crossway Books, 1994

ISBN-10: 0891077642

ISBN-13: 9780891077640

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"Evangelicals have been living on the periphery of responsible intellectual existence. The average Christian does not realize that there is an intellectual war going on in the universities and in the professional journals and scholarly societies. Christianity is being attacked from all sides as irrational or outmoded, and millions of students, our future generation of leaders have absorbed this viewpoint. This is a war which we cannot afford to lose..."

"In addition to serving, like the rest of theology in general, as an expression of our loving God with all our minds, apologetics specifically serves to show to unbelievers the truth of the Christian faith, to confirm that faith to believers, and to reveal and explore the connections between Christian doctrine and other truths.... Apologetics... is a theoretical discipline that tries to answer the question, What rational defense can be given for the Christian faith?"

This book by respected philosopher and theologian William Lane Craig has been thoroughly revised and updated to equip believers in the successful proclamation of biblical truth claims. The author gives careful attention to crucial questions and concerns, including: How Do I Know Christianity Is True?, The Absurdity of Life Without God, The Existence of God, The Problem of Miracles, and The Resurrection of Jesus.


William Lane Craig toimii filosofian tutkimusprofessorina (Talbot School of Theology, USA). Hän on koulutukseltaan sekä filosofian että teologian tohtori. Craig on kirjoittanut kymmeniä kirjoja ja artikkeleita sekä teologian, filosofian että raamatuntutkimuksen alueelta ja osallistunut lukuisiin apologeettisiin väittelyihin.

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