Rethinking the Dates of the New Testament
The Evidence for Early Composition
Jonathan Bernier

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Sivuja: 336

Kustantaja: Baker Academic, 2022

ISBN-10: 154096180X

ISBN-13: 9781540961808

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This paradigm-shifting study argues that most of the New Testament was originally composed twenty to thirty years earlier than is typically supposed by contemporary biblical scholars, offering a revised view of how quickly early Christians produced what became the seminal texts for their new movement.

Bernier's study on the dating of early Christian literature is bold and disruptive in a field that has become complacent on such matters. Bernier's argument that the bulk of the literature that became the New Testament was written between 40 and 70 CE is notable and impressive, but even more impressive is his transparent style of arguing in such a way that those who agree and disagree will alike find this an invaluable resource. Bernier aims to replace and improve on Robinson, and he has.
– Chris Keith, Centre for the Study of Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity, St. Mary's University; University of Notre Dame Australia
A major contribution to the study of Christian origins. It not only needs to be read; it needs to be reckoned with.
– Brant Pitre, Augustine Institute Graduate School of Theology
Bernier has written the go-to book on dating the collection of texts now known as the New Testament (and some of the Apostolic Fathers). Anyone interested in the emergence of Jesus-movement literature and history must consult this book.
– Isaac T. Soon, Crandall University


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