The Many Faces of Evil
Theological Systems and the Problems of Evil (Rev. & Exp. ed.)
John S. Feinberg

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Sivuja: 544

Kustantaja: Crossway, 2004

ISBN-10: 1581345674

ISBN-13: 9781581345674

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Kirjan takakannesta:

In this examination of the questions posed by the problem of evil, John Feinberg addresses the intellectual and theological framework of theodicy. Beginning with a discussion of the logical problem of evil, he interacts with leading thinkers who have previously written on these themes.

The Many Faces of Evil presents an excellent overview and response to the logical, evidential, and existential aspects of the problem. Those who expect insightful, decisive analyses from John Feinberg will not be disappointed. Crossway Books is also to be commended for its ongoing tradition of strong scholarly publications. This is a "must read" text.
– Gary Habermas


Teologi ja kirjailija John S. Feinberg toimi aiemmin raamattuteologian ja systemaattisen teologian professorina (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL).

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