Shattering the Christ Myth
Did Jesus Not Exist?
James Patrick Holding

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Sivuja: 388

Kustantaja: Xulon Press, 2008

ISBN-10: 1606472712

ISBN-13: 9781606472712

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How To Get Rid of Jesus: Prove He Didn't Exist!

A popular question posed by Christians today asks, "WWJD?" – which stands for, "What Would Jesus Do?" For more and more Skeptics of Christianity, however, the answer to this question is, "JDNE" – which stands for, "Jesus did not exist!"

In this volume, edited by prominent Internet apologist James Patrick Holding, a team of Christian authors provide a series of essays giving detailed answers to those who argue for the "Christ myth." Though rejected by mainstream scholars, this theory continues to grow in popularity among popular writers and Internet antagonists. The need for Christians to be ready to give an answer to it will only become more urgent.

"Here's a clear and compelling rebuttal to fallacious claims that keep resurfacing in books and on the Internet. It's well-researched, expertly presented, and ultimately convincing."
– Lee Strobel, author, The Case for the Real Jesus


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