A Survey of the New Testament
5th ed.
Robert H. Gundry

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Sivuja: 592

Kustantaja: Zondervan Academic, 2012

ISBN-13: 9780310494744

ISBN-10: 0310494745

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Robert Gundry's now classic survey of the New Testament has been a mainstay for college and graduate courses around the world, having been used by thousands of professors and students. This fifth edition includes updates and revisions throughout and a fresh, full-color design.

One thing about A Survey of the New Testament that has not changed: Unlike most other surveys, this one has students reading not only about the New Testament, but also the New Testament itself – in its entirety. Topics and issues discussed in the textbook are linked with the assigned biblical readings, and comments enlighten those readings further.

A Survey of the New Testament, 5th Edition, includes these features:

  • Numerous free resources for instructors and students at ZondervanAcademic.com
  • Outlines, study goals, summaries, review and discussion questions for each chapter
  • Phonetic pronunciations for unfamiliar names and terms
  • Breakouts that include illustrative quotes from ancient, nonbiblical literature
  • Updated bibliographies
  • Digital flashcards for students to use in reviewing material
  • A large bank of questions for use by teachers
  • Links to relevant websites
  • Available as both ebook and enhanced ebook with video instructions, animated maps and illustrations, and more


Robert H. Gundry on Uuden testamentin ja kreikankielen emeritusprofessori ja tutkijavierailija (Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA).

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