Pharaohs and Kings
A Biblical Quest
David M. Rohl

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Sivuja: 448

Kustantaja: Three Rivers Press, 1997

ISBN-13: 9780609801307

ISBN-10: 0609801309

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In Pharaohs and Kings egyptologist and ancient historian David Rohl presents a revolutionary theory that challenges the modern sceptical view of Old Testament history. Rohl demonstrates that archaeologists have been looking in the right places for evidence of the Israelites – but in completely the wrong time. Pharaohs and Kings reveals the true historical setting of the biblical epics, providing astonishing archaeological evidence for the existence of the Old Testament's most charismatic personalities. For the first time the lives of Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Saul, David, and Solomon are examined from a historical perspective as David Rohl explores their cities, palaces, and tombs. Pharaohs and Kings unveils such archaeological wonders as the desecrated cult statue of Joseph in his "coat of many colors", the Israelite city of the Bondage, and letters from King Saul. Pharaohs and Kings presents the most remarkable understanding of the Bible since archaeologists first began to recover the wonders of ancient times.


Arkeologi David M. Rohl on egyptologian ja muinaishistorian tutkija.

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