Preaching the Parables
From Responsible Interpretation to Powerful Proclamation
Craig L. Blomberg

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Sivuja: 252

Kustantaja: Baker Publishing Group, 2009

ISBN-13: 9780801027499

ISBN-10: 0801027497

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Jesus' parables are endlessly intriguing. But pastors don't find them easy-going—far too often we get mired in clichés and moralisms. Blomberg's venture into these classic texts is a welcome antidote to pulpit fatigue. His sermons themselves are fresh and personal; his accompanying commentary on how he came to preach them the way he does is on-the-job training for making honest gospel sermons from the stories Jesus told.
– Eugene H. Peterson, professor emeritus of spiritual theology, Regent College
Craig Blomberg is a superb teacher and expert on the parables. Here he effectively combines both gifts. This book discusses how to preach the parables and gives a wonderful sample of sermons with explanations about how to proceed. I can't imagine a more helpful pastoral and homiletical guide to the perplexing world of parables. Highly recommended.
– Darrell Bock, research professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary


Craig L. Blomberg on Uuden testamentin eksegetiikan professori (Denver Seminary) ja alansa johtava tutkija. Hän on kirjoittanut lukuisia Raamattua selittäviä teoksia.

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