Paul & the Law
A Contextual Approach
Frank Thielman

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Sivuja: 336

Kustantaja: InterVarsity Press, 1994

ISBN-13: 9780830818549

ISBN-10: 0830818545

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Paul & the Law: A Contextual Approach


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No issue in contemporary Pauline studies is more contested than Paul's view of the law. Paul & the Law is a careful attempt to assault this crucial interpretive problem with a new strategy. Rather than taking a systematic, topical approach, Frank Thielman examines Paul's view of the law in context: the context of Judaism, the context that gave birth to each letter, and the context of each letter's language and argument. While many studies have focused on Paul's explicit statements about the law, Thielman goes further in investigating those contexts where Paul's language is allusive and his view implied.

The result is an illuminating and significant contribution to Pauline studies. Paul & the Law clarifies our understanding of Paul's perspective on the law in the light of his gospel of Jesus Christ, and it reaffirms the coherence and integrity of Pauline theology as it relates to this pivotal axis of his thought.


Frank Thielman on arvostettu Paavalin kirjeiden tutkija ja jumaluusopin apulaisprofessori (Samford University, USA).

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