Dogmatic Theology
3rd ed.
William G. T. Shedd

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Sivuja: 992

Kustantaja: P & R Publishing, 2003

ISBN-13: 9780875521886

ISBN-10: 0875521886

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One of the great systematic theologies in the modern era is now available in a new edition:

  • Completely retypeset.
  • First one-volume edition (3 vols. in 1).
  • Unabridged.
  • All Latin, French, and German quotations are translated, for the first time, by the editor.
  • New introduction by the editor.
  • Notes and subheads provided by the editor.
  • Two glossaries, theological terms and theologians, by the editor.
  • New, comprehensive index.

"William G. T. Shedd's Dogmatic Theology is a classic," writes Alan W. Gomes, editor of this new edition. "It is a profound work that sets forth the deepest themes of religion with a grandeur and majesty of expression that has rarely been equaled and that never will be outdated." Gomes considers Dogmatic Theology "one of the finest theological systems ever produced."

Shedd divided Dogmatic Theology into seven parts:

  • 1–Theological Introduction
  • 2–Bibliology
  • 3–Theology
  • 4–Anthropology
  • 5–Christology
  • 6–Soteriology
  • 7–Eschatology
Reading Shedd is like discovering a family heirloom in the attic. By making him available again to a wide audience, the editor, Alan Gomes, has rendered a great service. Gomes has actually improved Shedd's classic by taking material from the third somewhat 'miscellaneous' volume and inserting it into the body of work. Many other helps (viz., glossaries, clear notations, illuminating editorial comments) make this the best edition of this work. If the questions of the authority of Scripture, God's omniscience and omnipotence, human helplessness, the substitutionary atonement, justification, the scope of salvation, and the doctrine of endless punishment are as fiercely contested in our day as in Shedd's, we will find Dogmatic Theology as relevant as ever.
– Michael S. Horton, Westminster Theological Seminary, California


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