A Basic Guide to Interpreting the Bible
Playing by the Rules
Robert H. Stein

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Sivuja: 224

Kustantaja: Baker Academic, 1997

ISBN-13: 9780801021015

ISBN-10: 0801021014

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No one can read the Bible for long before wondering what the Bible "means" and who or what determines that meaning. Moreover, no one can read the Bible without possessing some purpose in reading.

This book, in practical and nontechnical terms, guides readers in discovering what the goal of reading the Bible should be and how they can achieve this goal for themselves. The author promises that they will acquire "an interpretative framework that will help them understand better the meaning of biblical texts and how to apply that meaning to their own life situation."


Robert H. Stein on Uuden testamentin professori (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, USA).

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