The Cell's Design
How Chemistry Reveals the Creator's Artistry
Fazale Rana

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Sivuja: 336

Kustantaja: Baker Books, 2008

ISBN-13: 9780801068270

ISBN-10: 0801068274

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The scientific evidence of design just got stronger.

Armed with cutting-edge techniques, today's biochemists have uncovered startling molecular features inside the cell that can compel only one reasonable conclusion—a supernatural agent must be responsible for life.

Destined to be a landmark apologetic work, The Cell's Design explores the scientific and theological impact of these discoveries. Instead of focusing on the inability of natural processes to generate life's chemical systems (as nearly all apologetics works do), Fazale Rana makes a positive case for life's supernatural origin by highlighting the many biochemical features that reflect the Creator's signature.

This breakthrough book extends the case for design beyond irreducible complexity. These never-before-discussed evidences will evoke awe and amazement at God's creative majesty in the remarkable elegance of the cell's chemistry.

In Darwin's day, a living cell was thought to be quite simply—for all practical purposes—little more than a microscopic blob of gelatin. Rana lays out what contemporary science has learned about the cell's design, and he poignantly and provocatively shows that it is the handiwork of not only an Intelligent Designer but specifically the God revealed in Scripture.
– Hank Hanegraaff, president, Christian Research Institute


Fazale Rana on kahdesti palkittu biokemian tohtori, joka työskenteli vanhempana tutkijana Procter & Gamblella seitsemän vuotta. Tieteelliset havainnot saivat hänet oivaltamaan, että elämä on tarkoituksellisesti suunniteltu ja luotu. Nyt Rana toimii Reasons to Believe -järjestössä ja pyrkii oikaisemaan virheellisen käsityksen, että tiede ja Raamattu olisivat ristiriidassa keskenään.

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