The Paul Quest
The Renewed Search for the Jew of Tarsus
Ben Witherington III

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Sivuja: 347

Kustantaja: InterVarsity Press, 2001

ISBN-13: 9780830826605

ISBN-10: 0830826602

Tilaa Adlibrikselta – tuet Puolustajan Polkua!


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In this book, Ben Witherington III examines and evaluates the various profiles of Paul that have been newly discovered or recently refurbished. We encounter Paul as an ancient Mediterranean personality and watch him operate in a social environment where honor, shame, patronage and corporate identity are daily considerations. We discover new dimensions of Paul's epistles as we observe him dictating letters and gauging his rhetoric. We enter into the field of controversy where Paul the apostle and prophet meets his opponents. We reconsider the nature of the human body and Christian community as we meet Paul the anthropologist and champion of woman and slave. Paul, the man of the big idea, shows himself to be in truth a storyteller and interpreter of Israel's holy history.

In and through all of these complexities, we discover Paul to be a consistent and coherent theologian and ethicist whose thinking reaches out across nearly two thousand years to engage men and women today. Witherington leads an exploratory tour and reappraisal of the historical Paul, a sweeping survey of the contemporary rediscovery of the Jew from Tarsus.


Ben Witherington III on Uuden testamentin professori (Asbury Theological Seminary, Skotlanti) ja yksi maailman huippututkijoista evankelikaalisen perinteen piirissä. Hän on kirjoittanut yli neljäkymmentä omaa alaansa koskevaa teosta.

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