The Social World of Ancient Israel
1250–587 BCE
Victor H. Matthews, Don C. Benjamin

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Sivuja: 352

Kustantaja: Hendrickson Publishers, 1993

ISBN-13: 9780913573891

ISBN-10: 0913573892

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Social World of Ancient Israel takes a unique look at the most prominent social institutions of the world of early Israel and the period of the monarchy, and then shows how properly understanding these social institutions is essential for sound biblical interpretation. Immersing the reader into five major areas of daily life in antiquity – politics, economics, diplomacy, law, and education – Matthews and Benjamin explore the ways in which knowing how "players" function in these institutions, such as "father/mother", "prophet/wise one", "host/stranger", can shape our understanding of earliest Israel. Perhaps most significantly, the book gently exposes the inefficiency of past anthropological models for interpreting the relationships, attitudes and social conventions of earliest Israel. Its corrective insights will enable scholar and student alike to plot new approaches for studying the Hebrew Bible and the ancient people of Israel.


Victor H. Matthews on uskontotieteen professori (Missouri State University, USA) ja muinaisen Lähi-idän sosiaalisen maailman tutkija.

Tohtori Don C. Benjamin opettaa raamatun- ja muinaisen Lähi-idän tutkimusta (Arizona State University, USA).

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