Civil Government
A Biblical View
Robert D. Culver

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Sivuja: 308

Kustantaja: Wipf and Stock, 2009

ISBN-13: 9781606083871

ISBN-10: 1606083872

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This book deserves careful attention. In it Culver faces up to a large cluster of important problematics which confront contemporary evangelical thinkers. It is basically a biblicaly study on the meaning of civil government. But the author also moves freely into the areas of historical and systematic theology as well as social and political theory... he surveys in some depth and in an ordered sequence biblical teachings on the task of the state from the Genesis narratives through the successive epochs of biblical revelation to the New Testament epistles. In a sustained way he seeks to draw out some of the implications of these teachings for political life today... In erudition this work may be ranked with the best in evangelical scholarship.
– Professori Gordon Spykman, Calvin College
A carefully worked out, biblically conservative statement on politics and government; this is an excellent presentation... the author lines up his evidence and support with admirable consistency.
– Christian Century -lehti
In a lucid, well-organized fashion he traces out the Old and New Testament teaching on civil government and presents it as an aspect of God's creative and providential handiwork.
– Professori Richard V. Pierard, Indiana State University


Edesmennyt Robert D. Culver oli Wheaton Collegen ja Trinity Evangelical Divinity Schoolin teologian professori. Hänen merkittävimpänä teoksenaan pidetään 1200-sivuista systemaattista teologiaa.

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