Escaping the Beginning?
Confronting Challenges to the Universe's Origin
Jeff Zweerink

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Sivuja: 208

Kustantaja: RTB Press, 2019

ISBN-13: 9781886653313

ISBN-10: 1886653313


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Did the universe have a beginning – or has it existed forever?

If the universe began to exist, then the implications are profound. Perhaps that's why some insist it has existed forever.

In Escaping the Beginning?, astrophysicist and Christian apologist Jeff Zweerink thoughtfully examines the most prevalent eternal-universe theories – quantum gravity, the steady state model, the oscillating universe, and the increasingly popular multiverse. Using a clear and concise approach informed by the latest discoveries, Jeff investigates the scientific viability of each theory, addresses common questions about them, and then focuses on perhaps the most pressing question for believers and skeptics alike: If the evidence continues to affirm the beginning, what does that imply about the existence of a Beginner?


Astrofysiikan tohtori Jeff Zweerink (Iowa State University) on erikoistunut korkeaenergiseen astrofysiikkaan. Hän toimii tutkijana Reasons to Believe -järjestössä ja osa-aikaisena projektitutkijana UCLA:ssa. Zweerink kirjoittaa ja luennoi eniten eksoplaneettatutkimuksesta.


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