Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties
Gleason L. Archer

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Sivuja: 480

Kustantaja: Zondervan, 1982

ISBN-10: 0310435706

ISBN-13: 9780310435709

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This encyclopedia is intended for everyone, from scholars and students to laypersons – for all who are troubled by apparent contradictions in the Bible. It argues for the unity and the integrity of the Bible and should convince the skeptic and reassure the person who may be confused by the seeming discrepancies in Scripture.

Dr. Archer faces vexing questions that have troubled believers for centuries. His answers are sometimes simple insights that seem afterward to have been obvious all along. But more often his answers are based on a careful study of the meaning of words, the cultural context of Bible eras, involved interrelationships among various peoples, a knowledge of the Hebrew numbering system, and many other details not readily known by the average Bible reader. Some answers are given as plausible, not final, solutions to problems, for still "we know in part" and a humble attitude is becoming to the student of Scripture.


Edesmennyt Gleason L. Archer oli Vanhan testamentin ja seemiläisten kielten professori (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School). Hänen merkittävä panoksensa New American Standard Bible -raamatunkäännöksen Vanhan testamentin osuuden valmistelussa on saanut runsaasti kiitosta ja nostanut hänet maailmanluokan tutkijoiden joukkoon. Archer toimi myös Fullerin teologisen seminaarin dekaanina ja opetti arabiankielen tutkimusta Beirutissa, Libanonissa.

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